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Questions I Wish People Would Ask Me, Part 1

January 13, 2016 · 41,121 Comments


Q: Why haven’t the aliens contacted us yet?

A: The short answer is, because we haven’t invented warp drive yet. (Thank you, Gene Roddenberry.)

The long answer is, because we’re a self-destructive species. We act as though we believe that skin pigmentation ought to determine one’s success in life. We exploit our natural resources to the point of poisoning ourselves and every living creature on Earth. We act shitty towards each other.

No intelligent life form can trust us to act responsibly this early in our development. We’re in no way ready to be global citizens, let alone intergalactic citizens.

Can we get ready? In my lifetime? In yours? Maybe. But not without trying.

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January 4, 2016 · 16,424 Comments

U.S. flag

Here’s how U.S. Citizens protest laws they find unjust:

They petition, using sites like, iPetitions, or We The People. Hey, on We The People, you can even ask the President of the United States to pardon people convicted of arson! And if you get 100,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House must respond!

Here’s how terrorists protest laws they find unjust:

Armed domestic terrorists take over federal building, but it’s OK, they’re white

Protip for you Oregonian terrorists:

Don’t expect people to take your side if you favor bullets over words. We have ways of changing laws; shooting up the countryside isn’t one of them. Grab a computer, find the best writer among you, and start a petition.

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[UPDATED] Please help find my uncle’s killer (requesting signal boost)

December 30, 2014 · Comments Off on [UPDATED] Please help find my uncle’s killer (requesting signal boost)

Click for a closer look

Please click to have a closer look. If you recognize this hammer, please call Detective Sargeant Mark Canning at 401-468-4236, or the Anonymous TIP Line at 401-732-TIPS (401-732-8477).

Someone in your network might recognize this hammer. Please scroll down and Share this via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

My Uncle Jack Fay was murdered in City Park, Warwick, RI.

His killer has still not been found. Jack’s four children are my first cousins, and they are suffering. Bring his killer to justice.

Please take a closer look at the hammer the police found near the crime scene, and please share this post so other Rhode Islanders can take a look.

[UPDATE] Warwick police have the DNA of a killer (see, and, is offering a $25,000 reward.

If you know who committed this crime, please contact the Warwick police at 401-468-4236, or their Anonymous TIP Line at 401-732-8477.

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