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I Made You a Video

March 26, 2011 · Comments Off on I Made You a Video

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Once Upon a Time…

February 1, 2010 · 1 Comment



Let me tell you a sad tale.

Once upon a time – back, perhaps, before you were born – Superbowl commercials were the crème de la crème of commercials.

They cost million$ to air, so, their creators would pull out all the stops in their quest to forcibly lodge an image of their product in your brain.

And all winter, the People looked forward to those commercials.

And then we would watch them.  And we would laugh for joy, until there were tears in our eyes. They had singing, and dancing – fireworks and blimps – busty babes and racy jokes – and hoopla on a grand scale.  All crammed into 30-second masterpieces.

But gradually, while no one was paying much attention, in crawled…the Slackening. Today we call it "Mediocrity".

Commercial-makers stopped believing in the power of expensive mass-marketing. They took their silly-sized budgets, bought condos and timeshares, and began phoning it in.

Superbowl commercials became blah. Became meh. Became shadows of their former selves.

And yet, the elders of the populace still speak of a time when Superbowl commercials were worth watching…

We remember those days.  We long for those days.

And every year, we hold out hope that this will be the year the Superbowl commercials return to their former glory, when they will rise up, and reclaim their God-given bucks-borne power!

But that hope is fading with each passing year.

How long before we say, "Enough is enough!  I will now TiVo you, you naughty Superbowl, just for spite; and curse you, you Foul Tempters of Crass Commercialism – begone!  Into the bit-bucket whence you came!"?

Will the Superbowl commercials let us down once again this year?  Or will 2010 be the year we have all been waiting for: the Year of the Comeback Vid*?

* Ask me whether I care that I'm mixing sports metaphors.

Update: I got word that this excellent commercial aired during the Superbowl:

What do you think?

Update: Oh, no!  See that cool graphic I created, above?  I used to do it.  Now some unknown douchebag is challenging, legally, over use of the word "Wordle".  THERE'S NO DOUBT IN MY MIND THAT THIS WORD BELONGS TO WORDLE.NET.  They have a clearly-established, public record of using it, since at least as far back as 2008.  Intellectual property lawyers: can you help fight off this attacker?  Pro-bono?  For more information, visit – and thanks!

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