I’ve Already Decided. Have You?

December 17, 2014 · Leave a Comment

I am upset.

I share things on Facebook because either they make me happy, or, they upset me.

This article ( did both – I was happy this douchebag got fired for sexually harassing a student, and, I was upset that we live in a world where any professor thinks requiring a student to tolerate his sexual harassment while completing a course is “OK” behavior.

I don’t share things on Facebook to start debates. I share information to increase awareness.

I don’t take interactions on the internet personally. I do, however, take trivializing of other people’s pain personally. For you to call me and/or MIT’s response “stupid” trivializes the student’s pain, distracts from the douchebag professor (where the focus belongs), and trivializes my attempt to share information in the hopes of a) calling out the professor’s unacceptable behavior in the hopes of b) deterring future offenders.

Shitlords like Walter Lewin, like Bill Cosby, like Jian Ghomeshi, like Roman Polanski, do NOT get free passes on abusing women “just because” they made/make contributions to their respective fields.

What I will take personally is seeing you jump into my timeline making excuses for yet another shitlord’s yet another instance of shitty behavior against yet another woman. I’m fucking done tolerating shitlords and their shitty behavior.

If you think I’m overreacting to the abuse women are forced to suffer, it’s only because you don’t see the pattern I see.

And if you think I’m overreacting by blocking you, it’s only because you don’t know how many other people I’ve already had to block for trivializing women’s pain.

I’m tired of masturbatory debates. Either you think Lewin is a shitlord, or you don’t. Either you’re doing something to call out men who assault, harass, and objectify women, or you’re not.

Take action against wrongdoers, or don’t. But don’t distract me with your “debates”. I’ve already decided what to do with my energy.

Have you?

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